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Chiller Theatre October 2011

We went to Chiller Theatre Expo on Friday Oct. 28th and had a blast! Here are some of our photos from the event.

Standing on line with my writer/director/handler. We got pre-show tickets, which were worth the money. For now on when we go to Chiller Theatre we're getting the pre-show.


Most of the time when I travel I'm stuck in a gym bag which smells like Ben Gay and feet, so it was nice to get out say hello to people on the line.




Chiller Theatre's Director of Public Relations, Animal, came by and gave me the evil eye. Then we started making fun of my writer/director/handler and we became fast friends.


You have to love anyone that goes up and down the ticket holder's line yelling:

"Any untended children will be eaten!"


Caroll Spinney, Muppeteer famous for Big Bird & Oscar The Grouch, myself and my writer/director/handler.


What a sweet and kind man, he was a joy to meet and talk to.




This was billed as her last East Coast appearance in costume, so I had to go meet her.


Elvira has two things I've always admired-style and grace.



Don't forget to watch Ask Ormsby, Ormsby's weekly advice Youtube show HERE

Barbara Sheehan, the mother of my writer/director/handler, and the Cool Ghoul himself Zacherley!!!


She was a fan of Zach since she was a little girl watching him when he first came to New York in the 1950s. When he appeared at a department store signing copies of his Spook Along With Zacherley record album back in the early 1960s she stood online and got him to autograph it for her. 51 years later and they meet again.




There was a Planet of the Apes exhibit, with movie props and costumes. Very cool to walk through.


Down the hall was artist Ken Kelly, one of our all time favorite artists!


Elvira Photo Op-well worth the price and wait.


Such a sweet and lovely lady. And she said I was "cute".




Both my hearts skipped beats.




When we go to Chiller Theatre we always have to make the pilgrimage to the Dealers Room and pick up stuff.


I got the Clones an autographed photo of James (Buffy's Spike) Marsters since they couldn't go to the show. They loved it!


Mother got a Zacherley Tiki cup.


For myself, I picked up the Dracula and Mummy retro Megos from EMCE/Fearwerx. Right now they're in my collectable cabinet with last year's Frankenstein Monster and Wolf Man retro Megos.


So the whole time during Chiller Theatre on Friday this man in Victorian garb kept following me.


Everywhere I went, there he was, watching me intently. I finally asked him to identify himself.


He said his name was The Mortician.


I got scared that he was some specter from the beyond waiting for the moment to take me away to the after life. I yelled at him, "Away apparition from the other side, I am not ready to surrender this life!"


Then he told me he wasn't here for me, he just liked hanging out at Chiller Theatre. We had a great time after that.


The guy he came for in the hotel room next to mine didn't fare as well.


Late that night we ordered room service and shared stories about that night's Chiller Theatre.


I crawled into bed with a book of Poe and fell asleep.


Yes, I dreamt of Elvira.


We left the next morning, missing the snow and the Saturday night concert. Next Time we'll have to stay all three days.


Thank you to the whole Chiller Theatre staff for putting on a great show!!! See you next year.






Transylvania Time Is: MIDNIGHT

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